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Event Venues



Meeting , Event Venues and Banquet Halls 


We would like to recommend some places to you which are particularly worth visiting.

All of them guarantee a unique local for your meetings in Krakow

 National Museum in Krakow    Gallery of 19th-Century Polish Art in the Sukiennice, Krakow
 National Museum  Rynek Underground Art Gallery in the Sukiennice 
 Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow  Museum of Municipal Engineering in Krakow  Aviation Museum in Krakow
 Museum of Contemporary Art  Museum of Municipal Engineering Aviation Museum 
 Schindler's Factory Museum  The Manggha Museum of Japanese Art and Technology in Krakow  Salt Mine Wieliczka
„Schindler's Factory” Museum Japanese Art Museum Salt Mine Museum
 The Przegorzaly Castle   Korzkiew Castle  Niepolomice Castle
The Przegorzaly Castle Korzkiew Castle Niepolomice Castle
 Pod Baranami Palace  Krzysztofory Palace in Krakow  Villa Decius Palace
 Pod Baranami Palace  Krzysztofory Palace  Villa Decius Palace
 Slowacki Theatre in Krakow  The Stary Theatre  Benedictine Abbey in tyniec, Krakow
 Slowacki Theatre  The Stary Theatre  Benedictine Abbey
 The Alrina Boat  Barbican in Krakow  Franciscan Monastery in Krakow
The "Alrina" Boat  Barbican Franciscan Monastery
 Kosciuszko Mound  Jan Noworolski Cafe in Sukiennice in Krakow Wierzynek Restaurant in Krakow
 Kosciuszko Mound  Sukiennice Café Wierzynek Restaurant 
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